Weather stations compare

In this section you can compare various data (wind, gust and temperature) in single graphs from the weather stations of Canazei, Col Rodella and Sass Pordoi.

Attention, experimental service
The “Instability Index” service was created to give those who fly an indication of how the day could be based on the processing of 3 parameters detected by 3 different stations: Temperature Canazei (1465m), Rodella (2370m) and Sass Pordoi (2950m). The data is processed in a system that results in an “instability index” value which would be the value with which the temperature drops on average every 100 meters between one station and another. The data is reported in a graph with 5 scales in the background: inversion, very stable, stable, unstable and very unstable. You can view past days but only after January 14, 2021 are the data of all three weather stations present. There is no data validation, so lines that are too straight or broken on the charts indicate an interruption or unreliability of the service
Please note: the service is experimental and does not take into account other factors such as: solar radiation, humidity, air condensation, snow on the ground, etc. and is fully interpretable by the end user.

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